Web Developer

With a degree in Computer Science at Columbia University, I've studied general programming, making me know more details than necessary when it comes to building web applications.

More importantly, my clients have said I'm very responsive, fast at publishing a website, and work within the client's reasonable requests.

Below are a few websites that he's done for clients around Europe.

Reykjavík, Iceland

Client needed an intuitive website for a week-long event, to quickly show off the features of their event in Iceland, take registrations, and provide the information that customers needed to partake in the event.

Bristol Swing Festival

Bristol, United Kingdom

Client needed a site to showcase circus clips and dancing, to prepare people for a weekend event in Bristol, with participants registering and paying for taster classes, such as trapeze, stilt walking, and silks. This event showcased a hybrid of swing dancing lessons and circus lessons, as its own unique concept.

London, United Kingdom

Client needed a website to publicize week-long dance courses. Website needed to look fun with a touch of academic professionalism, showcasing the instructors of these courses. Easy user interface allows users to quickly get the event info they need to quickly register for the event.