Dance Teacher

"Shorty" George Yi (USA)

Shorty George is one crazy dance cactus. When he started swing dancing in New York City in 2004, he forgot that he needed water to survive. While dehydrating himself, he enjoyed making his partner smile, as well as dancers around him.

Since 2004, he’s rocked out as a Swing Dancer, dancing the styles of Lindy Hop, Blues, and Balboa. He has professionally taught since 2008 around the globe from Taiwan, Denmark, Turkey, Iceland, Spain, Italy and many other countries. George taught Lindy, Balboa, Blues and Authentic Jazz Workshops and brought great energy, humor, and entertainment to the classes while teaching some useful techniques to improve people’s dancing, such as musicality, partner connection, feeling, character, and improvisation.

George has also created new community social dances in Amsterdam (2008), Iceland (2009), & Turkey (2011) that still continue on to this day.

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Copenhagen, Denmark 2016

George & Ira Ishchuk

Watch one couple play with the different instruments in one song. Focus on one square at a time and see how the dancers interpret the different instruments during the song - the final square is going all in with the entire band.

lindy hop performance

Budapest, Hungary 2016

George & Ira Ishchuk

lindy hop performance

Milan, Italy 2016

George & Chiara Silvestro

lindy hop performance

Tel Aviv, Israel 2014

George & Shirley Osher

Balboa social dance demo

Parma, Italy 2017

George & Ira Ishchuk

Balboa performance

Tel Aviv, Israel 2014

George & Michelle Tadmor

Lindy Social Dance Demo

Reykjavik, Iceland 2015

George & Ira Ishchuk